The Caldwell County Agricultural Fairgrounds is proud to have such an active Fair Board and Committee.
We are here to serve our community and honor the tradition of the Caldwell Agricultural Fair.

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OR if you know which person you wish to speak with, you can find their contact information listed below. 


caldwell fair BOARD

Neil Taylor
[email protected]

Jim Munday
[email protected]

Diana Jensen
[email protected]

Scott Triplett
[email protected]

Tracy Avery
[email protected]

Ron Lackey
[email protected]

Boyd Greene
[email protected]

Wayne Cassavaugh
[email protected]

Mallory Keller
[email protected]

BT Simmons
[email protected]

Bob Greene
[email protected]

caldwell fair

Long Range Planning Committee And Entertainment Committee
Neil Taylor, Mallory Keller, Ron Lackey, Sarah Kocher, Crystal Taylor, Seth Nagy

Junior Fair Board Committee
Crystal Taylor, Neil Taylor

Livestock Committee
Seth Nagy, Jim Munday, Stephen Watson, Neil Taylor 

Nursery and Shrubbery Committee
Sarah Kocher 

Building and Grounds Committee
Jerry Hall, Andy Oliver, Wayne Cassavaugh, Stephen Watson, Neil Taylor, Scott Triplett, BT Simmons

Finance Committee
Bob Greene, Ron Lackey, Jim Munday, Scott Triplett  

Security Committee
Boyd Greene, Andy Oliver, Scott Triplett

Fair Book Ad Committee
Susan Greene

Senior Citizens Day Committee
Susan Greene, Diana Jensen

Food Booth Committee
Andy Oliver, Tracy Avery 

Exhibit Hall Committee
Mallory Keller, Diana Jensen, Lee Cox, Sarah Kocher, Susan Greene, Savannah Sartin